There is only one Kotomi Yoshida: A Japanese native now settled in Denver, Yoshida comes from an art-school background that informs her work as designer. A chance-taker inspired by edgy Tokyo fashion and her own unique style muse, she works with upcycled materials and fabrics to create unorthodox, abstracted, exciting wearable art for men and women.
-Susan F.
Kotomi is one of my favorite people. She knows what she wants and she goes for it- no questions, no comparisons. She takes risks and nurtures others’ passions just as confidently as her own. She has such contagious energy, and the best sense of humor. Every little detail, every stitch of her designs is purposeful, but the part I love most is realizing and experiencing the bigger vision- Kotomi is a storyteller first and foremost, and she creates the most fascinating tales.
-Elizabeth A.
Kotomi’s joyful presence, nurturing spirit, and humble heart make her friendship a gift. The walls of her being are built upon a foundation of loyalty for her family and close friends. As a designer, Kotomi’s spontaneous creativity coupled with her go-with-the-flow attitude allow her to see beyond the traditional and mundane. Whether she is carefully sewing delicate blossoms or reveling in time spent with those she loves, Kotomi seems lost in the moment, enjoying the simple wonders of the world; allowing those wonders to inspire and fuel her creative process. It is an absolute joy to be part of Kotomi’s life. I look forward to seeing all of the unique treasures she has yet to dream up.
-Rachel M.